Comic book The Expert available to celebrate celebrate 7th anniversary of our association

The comic book The Expert: A strange academic world we live in! to celebrate the 7th anniversary of our association is now available in pdf for just € 10—with a freely downloadable Teaser

Caspar ten Dam

The Expert: A strange academic world we live in! (64 pages, ISBN-9078907-5568-31-8) to celebrate the 7th anniversary of our Association for the Study of EthnoGeoPolitics (EGP), concerns the first book publication by the association’s publishing house, EGxPress Publishers.

This comic book contains a selection of my Expert cartoons from 2015 and 2016—some of which already appeared in our journal Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics—and other cartoons and illustrations of mine as well. It is now available in pdf/E-book for just € 10 (VAT-free price). We seek to make available a hardback version in the near future as well, though its purchasing price will be significantly higher than  € 10 per printed copy. 

For a teaser, just click here

Still, the sale prices are and will be reasonable—even for cash-strapped, impoverished, struggling scholars among us. The comic  book should help to alleviate the work- and research-related stress of many a well-funded scholar as well, for so far the typically dark and sarcastic humor in it is appreciated and hits home. Any well-funded purchaser of the book could also give it as a present (or a whole bunch of copies as presents) to their poorly funded colleagues—though it should not serve as a poor substitute of well-served praise, publication, prize, degree, position, tenure, pay rise, grant, sabbatical, pension or all of the above to any of them.

One can freely the download here the following Teaser of the comic book which has been published in the Autumn 2018 issue (Vol.6 No.2) of our journal: Click here for the Teaser

One can order a full pdf-copy of the comic book by transferring the required amount of € 10 (VAT-free) to EGP’s Bank account: NL83 INGB 0752 458760  BIC: INGBNL2A   T. a. o. Servet Sahin, Amsterdam, with a reference to “comic book Expert”—and inclusion of one’s email-address in the order, so that we will be able to quickly send a copy after the payment is made.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!

– Caspar ten Dam, secretary EGP & executive editor Forum of EGP

NB: In any private, small-scale use or transference of the comic book of up to 10 copies and/or the individual cartoons and illustrations contained in it, my authorship (“Copyright C. ten Dam”) must stay visible in the reproductions. For any commercial, large-scale use or transference of the comic book beyond 10 copies and/or the individual cartoons and illustrations contained in these copies, my prior permission and that of the EGP Board are required.