cropped-Ethnogeopolitics-small-small.jpgEPG’s first activitity was organising the 17 May 2010 symposium “Central Eurasia: Islam, Culture and Conflict” at the University of Amsterdam, with as main Globe Lecture speaker Prof. John Schoeberlein (Harvard). Babak Rezvani and Caspar ten Dam were among the speakers on this symposium.

The EPG subsequently organised Conflict Studies panels in the CERES Summerschools on “Global Governance, The Crisis and Development” at the International Institute of Social Studies (IISS) in The Hague (23-24 June 2010) and on “Sustainability after the Crash” at the Utrecht School of Economics (30 June-1 July 2011); an Ethnogeopolitics panel in the CERES Summerschool on “International Development Studies” at the University of Amsterdam (Roeterseiland) on 25-26 June 2012; and a Roundtable in the CERES Summerschool on “Global Gloom, or Development Boom” (24-25 June 2013) in the same location as the preceding year. EGP’s co-founders, Dr. Babak Rezvani and Caspar ten Dam, were among the speakers and/or discussants on these panels.

At the last minute B. Rezvani became the discussant for the panel “National Identity in the European Past and Present”, in the 20th International Conference of Europeanists at the University of Amsterdam (multiple locations) on 25-27 June 2013. C. ten Dam was present as well; both he and B. Rezvani were able to inform the speakers and the audience about EGP.

Last but not least, editors of and contributors to Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics talked about the journal and its association at other conferences as well (see for examples photos below).








EGP-secretary Caspar ten Dam (photo), EGP-chairperson Babak Rezvani and EGP-contributor Pawan Sen presented papers at the CERES Summerschool 2012.


Pawan Sen, a contributor to the very first issue of Forum EGP (Vol. No.1 2013), speaking at the “Young scientists – A uniting force of world science and culture” conference (3-5 September 2013) in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan; EGP-chairperson Babak Rezvani spoke at the conference as well.


Pawan Sen, at the “Young scientists–New challenges  in the world science” conference (26-31 May 2014) in Baku, Azerbaijan; he presented a paper on ‘multivariate analysis: an interface between natural science and social science’.


EGP-secretary Caspar ten Dam (extreme right), with Prof. Tomasz Polanski, Dr. Matthias Weinreich and Prof. Mikhail Pelevin (from left to right) at the “Autochtonous Peoples of the Caucasian-Caspian Region” conference (5-7 October 2012) in Yerevan, Armenia.



EGP-secretary Caspar ten Dam (middle) and Dr. Kaveh Farrokh (standing), a contributor to Forum of EGP (Vol. No.1 2013), at the “Shirvan, Arran, and Azerbaijan: Historical-Cultural Retrospective” conference (1-2 November 2013) in Yerevan, Armenia.

Arnav Anjaria (left), Assistant Editor of Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics , with Pawan Sen (right), in Kathmandu, Nepal, 5-6 June 2015.

Arnav Anjaria was in Nepal for relief efforts after the devastating earthquake on April 25th, 2015 (fortunately, Pawan Sen’s immediate family, friends and colleagues came off relatively unscathed). Arnav is particularly involved in the Dennis Barbion-Compassion Activism Charity’s (DB-CAC) India Rice Charity 2015 programme. See further

Arnav Anjaria is becoming an accomplished scholar. Thus he presented the paper ‘Tibet: The Story of Real Time Resistance’ at the annual conference of the International Association of Media and Communications Research (IAMCR) in Hyderabad, India (18 July 2014).


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